Italiano o Italianeggiante? Noi preferiamo italiano al 100%, tu?

Italian or Italianish? We prefer 100% Italian, do you?

Photos of Italian monuments in the communication, headquarters of the offices in Italy, distinctly Italian names, a touch of the tricolor in the logo and in the communication. In recent times, it has become very common to see brands trying to appropriate a bit of Italianness to attract attention.

There are single-brand brands and resellers of "Italian" brands that sell exclusively products made in China or in other increasingly distant and underdeveloped countries . The reason for this choice is easy to understand, we don't need to explain it.

Authentic Italian: Our 100% Choice

At Mespecta we love style and quality, and we have chosen to be a true Italian brand , committing ourselves at every stage of the production process to ensure that our products are made entirely in Italy .

It is a challenge that we have embraced with determination, never giving in to the temptation of low-cost production that would compromise our vision of excellence.

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We live, dream and work in Italy.

We almost feel like activists of quality and Made in Italy. We firmly believe that production should always and only take place within the borders of our country : from the tanning of the leather, passing through the actual creation of our products, up to the accessories.

The buckle of each of our belts, for example, is strictly Made in Italy.

The beating heart of craftsmanship

Italy is the homeland of the best artisans , renowned throughout the world for their mastery and dedication. Here we can boast some of the best tanneries that contribute to the creation of the highest quality luxury products.

It is for these reasons that even well-known French luxury brands choose to open factories in our country. If you want to produce the highest quality, Italy is the ideal place.

Ours is a 100% Italian artisan brand.
For us, Italy is in the heart and is reflected in our creations . Our authenticity speaks for itself, without the need for superficial frills.

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