We live in a world that needs everyone's help and in our work we do our best to make a contribution.

We believe in a broad concept of sustainability that involves respect for the environment and more.

Our concept of sustainability is developed on several cornerstones:

We produce high quality and long lasting products.
Products with a long life represent the first real frontier of sustainability. Without this key idea it is impossible to talk about sustainability.

Minimum stock. We produce most of our products after the customer's order in this way we are able to guarantee careful use of raw materials, without waste and at the same time we give value to the customer who can customize the product.

Leathers processed by mainly Italian or European tanneries to have the highest standards of respect for the environment in the leather tanning process.
Exotic leathers always provided with international certification of origin (CITES). In this way we are sure that the fauna is preserved and illegal hunting processes are discouraged.

100% production made in Italy with almost all of our raw material suppliers in Italy in order to reduce the impact of transport and the associated CO2 emissions. 

We only use REAL LEATHER because it currently remains the most sustainable alternative for the environment. All other forms of material similar in appearance to real leather are derived from the use of petroleum, and similar to plastic; they have poor performance from the point of view of wear resistance, reducing the quality of the finished product and have degradation times in the environment very similar to plastic. We have all seen plastic in the seas, in some cases floating "islands of plastic", but how many times have we seen "islands of real leather"? Never

In the end, if we want to be not only practical but also a little romantic, we have never yet seen fabrics that emulate the skin that know how to excite like real leather and the exotic leathers we love to use.

All-round authenticity excites us, excites our customers and makes us love what we do. This too is for us the sustainability of our work.

Science also surrounds the use of exotic leathers. According to scientific studies easily found on the net, there are at least three reasons to consider exotic leather goods in all respects sustainable:

1.It favors projects to safeguard exotic species avoiding extinction.

2. It helps projects to protect their natural habitats that would otherwise undergo a certain overbuilding.

3.It provides local communities with a source of livelihood just as they have for hundreds of years with livestock farming.

Abandoning the use of exotic skins would jeopardize the conservation of these species and the well-being of entire communities that find sustenance in them.

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