100% genuine leather with CITES certificates

handmade, in Italy

Each Mespecta accessory is processed starting from the reservation of your order, based on your specific requests. The final result is a rare and authentic Made in Italy exotic leather accessory.

Over 95% of the leathers processed come from Italian tanneries and the remainder from Parisian tanneries. All our leathers are provided with CITES certificates and contribute to the preservation of exotic species and the protection of their natural habitats, as the regulated trade discourages hunting and indiscriminate poaching.

In a market overflowing with unregulated brands, Mespecta can boast of being among the few most sustainable exotic leather fashion accessory brands on the market.

Excellence sought down to the smallest details

To superbly complement some of our accessories, in addition to exotic python, crocodile and alligator leathers, we also use the finest quality bovine leather.

The most famous luxury brands, to work less visible surfaces of their products, use synthetic leather applications.

Unlike other brands, we at Mespecta wanted to commit ourselves to offering unrivaled products and regardless of production costs.

For decorative applications, we use genuine premium full-grain aniline calf leather .

This is the most precious type of leather, because it comes from the best raw materials. It has an unrivaled natural look and completes the accessory with a pleasantly luxurious feel to the touch.

Mespecta is not just an Italian brand, but a real Made in Italy production

Our production process is 100% handmade and none of the manufacturing phases is automated.

Unlike normal skin, which is always uniform, exotic skin is made up of very irregular areas.

This makes its processing much more difficult as well as slower and more expensive.

Each accessory has its best part

For each accessory, the expert hands of our craftsmen are able to expertly choose the best parts of each supply of leather.

This ensures that each cut area is as symmetrical and harmonious as possible, based on the application needed for the product it will be inserted into.

A great complexity that thanks to our master craftsmen we are able to manage every day in the best possible way.

A surgical procedure

Exotic leather, especially snakeskin and crocodile, is thinner than cowhide and requires reinforcements, gluing, and linings similar to those used in tailoring.

Normal leather goods can be used without lining, while exotic leather goods necessarily require this step.

Working with such expensive materials requires maximum precision, as a small mistake could send the whole job up in smoke.

These delicate production steps transform leather goods into real jewelery products.

Turn your dream into reality

A Mespecta accessory is a long process of thought and craftsmanship that begins in your mind. In addition to the accessories offered on this site, we can create customized and personalized products.

Tell us about your idea on +39 391 1457051. You can call us, or send a message via WhatsApp.