Venus Bag

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  • Bag made of metal
  • Hand-studded with more than 4,500 crystals
  • Top Snap Close
  • Silver lining
  • 45cm silver metal removable chain (approximately)
  • Set of replacement crystals included
  • Delivered in his gift box
  • Size: 19.5 L x 14 H x 6.4 W (in cm)

About Venus

Grace and elegance come together to bring love to life


Venus is a rosy colombella and takes its name from the goddess of beauty and love to which the dove had been consecrated.

The myth is that a nymph was turned from Cupid into a dove as punishment for helping Venus defeat him during a competition between those who collected more flowers. Out of gratitude, the Goddess compensated her by electing her to her favorite bird.

Venus bag was designed for a beautiful woman, endowed with a sensuality, a grace and an unparalleled charm. A woman capable of instilling desire in every creature.