Thigra Bag

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  • Bag made of metal
  • Hand-studded with more than 2,500 crystals
  • Top snap closure
  • Gold-colored lining
  • Removable 45cm (approx.) Golden metal chain
  • Spare glass set included
  • Delivered in its gift box
  • Dimensions: 18 L x 9 H x 7 W (in cm)

About Thigra

Danger and attraction: feared for her strength, revered for her royalty


Thigra it was the Iranian name that the Latins had inspired to give a name to the tiger. Thigra in Iranian it means 'cutting edge'.

Beauty, ferocity and royalty come together to give life to this creature with a mighty feline nature, majestic coat and bursting charm. The tiger is considered an Alpha predator. Apart from humans, this cat has no predators in nature to hunt her down. The disturbing abyss of the danger that it emanates can only fascinate, attract, conquer ..

Thigra bag was designed for a woman with a rebellious, explosive, impetuous and courageous temperament. A magnetic and passionate woman who, when she desires something, puts herself at stake at 360 degrees to get it. With her there is no escape!