Amethysta Bag

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  • Bag made of metal
  • Hand-studded with more than 3,200 crystals 
  • Top snap closure
  • Silver-colored lining
  • Removable 45cm (approx.) Silver metal chain
  • Spare glass set included
  • Delivered in its gift box
  • Dimensions: 18.8 L x 11.5 H x 6 W(in cm)

About Amethysta

The most loved violet ever, a royal symbol, so powerful it defeats a God


The Amethysta bag, due to its color, it takes its name from the most loved purple gem in the field of jewelry since the times of the ancient Egyptians. The powerful and fascinating queen Cleopatra used this gem in her imperial seal, as a symbol of royal and absolute power.

An ancient mythological legend tells that Amethyst was a beautiful wood nymph with whom Bacchus, god of wine, fell madly in love. To help Amethyst escape from Bacchus' tight and aggressive court, Diana, goddess of the hunt, turned her into a pure crystal. Bacchus in revenge poured wine on her, which gave it a purple color and the power to protect against drunkenness.

Amethysta bag was designed for a woman of power, with austere and charismatic charm. Femininity, mystery and seduction come together to give life to a woman capable of conquering even the most reluctant hearts to love.