About us

MESPECTA in Latin means "Look at me". We mean it in its deepest sense."See how my essence expresses itself through my style”.

MESPECTA Italia is born in 2018 from the dream of creating accessories in genuine exotic leather, totally customizable and handmade in Italy.

Classic in their design, precious in their details, unique in their kind.
MESPECTA Italia accessories tell the love for beauty and timeless elegance, the typical love of Italian culture.

A totally artisanal work that starts with the idea, turns into a drawing and completes with the touch of knowledgeable hands.

Moments of great attention, a dance performed exclusively by patients craftsmen's hands who make every accessory personal.


Only tanned in Italy leather.

Exotic leather is certified in accordance with international regulations.

100% Handmade in Italy

We live, dream and work in Italy, the perfect place to find the best materials and the skilled craftsmen who help us to create a product 100% Made in Italy.


Most of the MESPECTA ITALIA accessories are produced on the basis of customization requirements.

You can choose materials, colors, initials, paintings.