About MESPECTA Italia



 MESPECTA came from the Latin and it means "Look at me". We understand it in its deepest sense. "See how my essence shines through my style".

 MESPECTA Italia is born from the dream of creating accessories that could make every woman's light shine.

 Unique in their forms, precious in their details, unique in their kind.
MESPECTA Italia jewel bags speak of love for beauty and timeless elegance, the typical love of Italian culture.

 A totally artisan work that begin with the idea, turns into a design to be completed with a storm of crystals on our bags.

 Moments of great attention, a dance performed exclusively by hand by patient artisans who apply thousands of crystals one after the other.



 Imagine a party in full swing.

 Listen to the high volume music, the noise produced by the guests' chatter in the room.

 Look at that woman who enters the hall.

 She advances fiercely into the crowd. Straight back, head up and eyes fixed in front of her.

 The chatter becomes buzz, and finally silent.

 “Look at me

 All her being says “look at me” while she walks through the crowd without caring about anyone apart from herself.

 Slaves of the spell that she put on them, all the guests' faces turned torward her. They couldn't take their eyes off her, following every single step she took, every slightest movement.

 Everything in her fascinates, attracts, conquers.

 This is the MESPECTA woman: a woman who has the power to capture all the attention on herself, by simply entering a room and filling it with her own presence.

 Hand-maded and encrusted with the best crystals, characterized by a brilliance unlike any other. MESPECTA precious accessories have been created to be looked, worn and loved without any reserve.