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Mespecta Termini of Service


This site is managed by Mespecta. In all the site, the terms "we", "we" and "ours" they refer to Mespecta. Mespecta offers this Web site, included all the information, the tools and the disposable services of this site to the user conditioned to the acceptance from the user of all the terms, conditions, politics and communications here indicated.

Visiting our site and / or when something of us was improving, you devote yourself to our "Service" and agree to be bound at the next terms and condition ("Terms of service", It "Ends"), I understood the terms and the supplementary conditions and the politics of which to the present document and / or disposable through hyperverbatim connection. The present service Terms apply themselves to all the users of the site, included, to exemplifying headline, the users who are browser, suppliers, clients, dealers and / or contents contributors.

To read attentively these service Terms before entering or using our Web site. Entering or using any part of the site, the user agrees to be bound at these service Terms. If there are not accepted all the terms and the conditions of the present agreement, it is not possible to enter the Web site or to use any service. If these service Terms are considered an offer, the acceptance is limited expressly to the present service Terms.

Possible new functionality or tools added to the running business will be also these subjects to the service Terms. You can see again the most up-to-date version of the Terms of service in any moment on this page. We book the right for ourselves to update, to modify or to substitute any part of these Terms of service publishing updating and / or modifications to our Web site. It is your responsibility to check periodically this page for the modifications. The continuous use or the access for the Web site after the publication of any modification constitutes acceptance of such modifications.

Our business is held on Shopify Inc. They supply the platform to us with on-line e-commerce that allows us to sell our products and services.


Accepting these service Terms, he declares of having at least the greatest age in your state or province of residence, or of having the greatest age in your state or province of residence and you have given us your consent to allow to all the smallest employees to use this site.
The user cannot use our products for illegal reasons or not authorised he can, in the use of the Service, violate any law in the own jurisdiction (it included, to exemplifying but not exhaustive headline, the laws about the copyright).
It is not necessary to broadcast worm or virus or codes of destructive nature.
A violation or a violation of one of the Terms will involve the immediate cessation of the Services.


We book the right for ourselves to deny the service whoever, for any reason, in any moment.
You understand that your contents (I did not understand the data of the credit card), can be transferred in clear and imply (a) broadcastings on several nets; and (b) modifications to conform and to adapt to the technical requirements of the nets or of the devices of connection. The information about the credit card always comes crittografate during the transfer on nets.
It agrees not to reproduce, to duplicate, to copy, to sell, to retail or to exploit any part of the Service, the use of the Service, or the access for the Service or any contact on the Web site through which the service is supplied, without expressed authorisation written for our part.
The headlines used in the present agreement are included only for comfort and they will not bound or influence in no way the present Conditions.


We are not responsible if the information made disposable on this site is not accurate, complete or present. The material on this site is supplied only for general information and it should not be invoked or used like only base for taking decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or timelier fountains of information. Any confidence on the material in this site is to your risk.
This site can contain determinate historical information. The historical information, necessarily, is not updated and it are supplied only like reference. We book the right for ourselves to modify the contents of this site in any moment, but we have not the obligation of not updating any information about our site. It accepts that is your responsibility to monitor the modifications to our site.


The prices of our products are subject to modifications without notice.
We book the right for ourselves in any moment of modifying or of interrupting the Service (or any part or content of the same thing) without notice in any moment.
We will not be responsible towards the user or third persons for possible modifications, variations of price, suspension or interruption of the service.

Some products or services might be disposable exclusively on-line through the Web site. These products or services can have limited quantities and are subject to restitution or replacement only on the grounds of our restitution Politics.
We have done each effort to visualise in the way as accurate as possible the colours and the images of our products that appear in the business. We cannot guarantee that the display of the monitor of the computer of any colour will be accurate.
We book the right for ourselves, but we are not obliged, of bounding the sales of our products or services of any person, geographic area or jurisdiction. We might exercise this straight case by chance. We book the threshold right for ourselves the quantities of products or services that we offer. All the descriptions of the products or of the prices of the products are subject to modifications in any moment and without notice, to our exclusive discretion. We book the right for ourselves to interrupt any product in any moment. Any offer for any product or service done on this site is null where forbidden.
We guarantee only the quality of any product, service, information or another material purchased or obtained by you soddisferà your expectations or which possible errors in the Service will be corrected.


We book the right for ourselves to refuse any order made by us. We might, to our exclusive discretion, threshold or to cancel the quantities purchased to person, for familiar nucleus or by order. These restrictions can include the orders made or under the same account client, the same credit card and / or it orders that they use the same invoicing address and / or forwarding. In the case in which we bring a modification or cancel an order, we can try to notify it contacting the address e-mail and / or the address of invoicing / number of telephone supplied to the moment of the order. We book the threshold right for ourselves or to forbid orders that, to our unquestionable judgement, they seem to be put at resellers', resellers' or distributors'.

It agrees to supply running, complete and accurate information with purchase and with account for all the purchases made in our business. It agrees to update at the right time your account and other information, including your address e-mail, the numbers of credit card and you give her of deadline, so that we could complete your arrangements and contact you according to necessity.

For greater details, our restitution politics is prayed to see again.


We might supply to you the access for tools of third parts on which we neither check we have not even any control or input.
You recognise and accept that we supply the access for such tools "so as they are" and "as disposable" without guarantees, declarations or conditions of any type and without any approval. We will not have any ensuing responsibility or relative to your utilisation of tools of third optional parts.
Any utilisation from the user of the optional tools offered through the site is entirely to own risk and discretion and it would be necessary to guarantee of knowing and approving the terms on which tools they are supplied by the relative suppliers of third parts.
We might, in future, offer also new services and / or functionality through the Web site (including the release of new tools and it rose again). Such new functionality and / or services will be besides subject on the present Conditions of service.


Some contents, products and disposable services through our Service can include materials of third parts.
The link of third parts on this site can address you to Web sites of third parts that are not affiliated by us. We are not responsible for the examination or the evaluation of the content or of the accuracy and we do not guarantee and we will not have any responsibility or responsibility for materials or Web sites of third persons or for other materials, products or services of third parts.
We are not responsible for any damage or damage relative to the purchase or to the utilisation of properties, services, resources, contents or any other arrangement made in relation to Web sites of third persons. You see again attentively the politics and the practices of third parts and ensured of having included them before undertaking any arrangement. It complains, complains, doubts or questions relative to products of third persons must be addressed to third parts.


If, at our request, determinate dispatches specific dispatches (for example competition voices) or without our request, you send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans or another material, the received with pleasure user is on-line, for email, by post or otherwise (collectively, it "comments"), that we can, in any moment, without limitations, to modify, to copy, to publish, to distribute, to translate and otherwise to use in any support the comments that you forward us. We are not and we have not any obligation (1) of not maintaining any comment in confidence; (2) to pay a compensation for possible comments; or (3) to reply to any comment.
We might, but we have not any obligation, to monitor, to modify or to remove contents that we determine to our exclusive discretion torts, offensive, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, pornographic, obscenely or otherwise questionable or that they violate the intellectual property of any part or these service Terms.
It accepts that your comments do not violate any right of third parts, included copyrights, mark, privacy, personality or other personal or proprietary rights. It accepts besides that your comments do not contain defamatory material or otherwise illegally, offensive or obscenely, or contain information viruses or other malware that might compromise somehow or other the functioning of the Service or of any correlated Web site. It is not possible to use a false address e-mail, to pretend to be anyone different from you or otherwise to induce in error us or third parts about the origin of possible comments. You are the only responsible person for the comments that you do and their accuracy. We do not assume any responsibility and do not assume any responsibility for possible comments published by the user or by third parts.


The dispatch of personal information through the business is regulated by our Informative report on the privacy. To visualise our politics on the privacy.


Fortuitously it can be information about our site or in the Service that there contain typographic errors, inexactnesses or omissions that can regard descriptions of products, prices, promotions, offers, spent of forwarding of product, times of transit and availability. We book the right for ourselves to correct possible errors, inexactnesses or omissions and to modify or to update the information or to cancel the orders if any information in the Service or on any correlated Web site it is inaccurata in any moment without notice (also after having sent the order).
We do not assume any obligation of updating, of modifying or of making the information clear in the Service or on any correlated Web site, included, without limitations, information about the prices, with exception of all that asked by the law. No specific updating or date of updating applied to the Service or on any correlated Web site it must be taken to indicate that all the information in the Service or on any correlated Web site have been modified or you update.


As well as other prohibitions established in the Terms of service, there is forbidden the use of the site or of his content: (a) for illicit reasons; (b) to speed others up to complete or to participate in illicit acts; (c) to violate rules, rules, laws or international, federal, provincial or public local orders; (d) to violate or to violate our rights of intellectual property or the rights of intellectual property of third persons; (e) to molest, to abuse, to insult, to damage, to defame, to defame, to denigrate, to become shy or to discriminate on the grounds of the family, the sexual orientation, the religion, the ethnic group, the race, the age, to the national origin or to the disabilità; (f) to supply false or misled information; (g) to load or to broadcast virus or any other type of harmful code that could or could be used in any way that could influence the functionality or the functioning of the Service or of any correlated Web site, other Web sites or Internet; (h) to pick up or to trace the personal third persons information out; (i) spam, phish, pharm, excuse, spider, crawl or scrap; (j) for any obscene or immoral reason; or (k) to interfere with or to evade the functionality of certainty of the Service or any correlated Web site, other Web sites or Internet. We book the right for ourselves to interrupt the utilisation of the Service or of any Web site correlated to violate one of the forbidden uses.


We do not guarantee, declare or guarantee that the utilisation of our service will be continuous, timely, sure or devoid of errors.
We do not guarantee that the results that can be obtained at the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.
It accepts that, from time to time, we can remove the service for indefinite time periods or cancel the service in any moment, without notice.
The received with pleasure user expressly that the utilisation or the impossibility of using the service is to own risk. The service and all the products and services supplied to the user through the service am (I save all that expressly declared by us) supplied "as they are" and "as disposable" for the use of the user, without any declaration, guarantee or condition of any type, expressed or implicit, he understood all the implicit guarantees or conditions of marketability, saleable quality, fitness for a particular reason, duration, headline and not violation.
In no case Mespecta, our managers, officials, employees, members, agents, contractors, stagisti, suppliers, suppliers of services or licensees will be considered responsible for any damage, loss, claim or whichever the straight, indirect, accidental, punitive, special action or consequent damages of any type, included, without limitation, lost, unsuccessful profits profits, lost savings, loss of data, costs of replacement or other similar damages, is that you yourself deal with contract, civil tort (included negligence), objective responsibility or another utilisation of any service or of any purchased product using the service or for any other relative claim in any way to the utilisation of the service or of any product, included, to exemplifying headline, errors or omissions in any content or any loss or damages of any type supported following the use of the service or of any content (or it product) published, broadcast or returned otherwise disposable through the service, even if informed about their possibility. Since some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of responsibility for consequent or accidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions, our responsibility is limited to the maximum extension allowed by the law.


It agrees to compensate, to defend and to hold unhurt Mespecta and our parents, subsidiaries, branches, partner, officials, directors, agents, contractors, licensees, suppliers of services, subcontractors, suppliers, trainees and dependent, inoffensive any request or request, included the honorary motives of the lawyers, committed from third parts to cause or ensuing from the violation of the present Conditions of service or documents of they incorporated for reference, or the violation of any law or rights of third persons.


In the case in which any disposition of the present Terms of service is an illegal, null or inapplicable deduction, such a disposition will be whichever applicable in the maximum measure allowed by the applicable law, and the inapplicable part will be considered how cut off by the present Terms of Service, such a definition does not jeopardise the validity and the applicability of other remaining dispositions.


The obligations and the responsibilities for the parts supported before the date of deadline survive the resolution of the present agreement to all the effects.
The present service Terms are effective unless and up to the resolution for our part or of us. It is possible to solve the present service Terms in any moment informing us that does not want the majority to itself to use our Services or when there breaks off the utilisation of our site.
If you fail our unquestionable judgement, or we suspect what you have missed, of respecting any term or disposition of the present Terms of service, we might rescind also the present agreement in any moment without notice and you will remain responsible for all the sums owed up to the date of cessation and / or as a result he can deny the access for our Services (or he leaves of them).


The incapacity to exercise or to make being worth any right or disposition of these Terms of service does not constitute a renunciation of such right or disposition.
The present Terms of service and the possible politics or operative rules published by us on this site or in relation to the Service they constitute the whole agreement and agreement between the user and us and discipline the utilisation of the Service, substituting any agreement, communication and preceding or contemporary proposal., is oral which written document, between you and we (it included, but you do not bound to, possible preceding versions of the Terms of service).
Possible ambiguities in the interpretation of these Terms of service must not be interpreted against the editorial part.


The present service Terms and the possible agreements separated on the grounds of which we supply the Services to you will be disciplined and interpreted in conformity with the laws of Mespecta, road Copenhagen, No 13, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy.


It is possible to see again the most recent version of the Terms of service in any moment on this page.
We book the right for ourselves, to our exclusive discretion, to update, to modify or to substitute any part of these Terms of service publishing updating and modifications to our Web site. It is a responsibility of the user to check periodically our Web site for possible modifications. The continuous use or the access for our Web site or for the Service in consequence of the publication of possible modifications to the present service Terms constitutes acceptance of such modifications.


The questions on the service Terms must be sent to mespecta@outlook.com.